Dan Veleta

Regional Manager, California
Porterville, CA
Team member since 1993


Dan oversees all operational blocks in Tulare County. With almost two decades of experience as a part of the AgriCare team, his oversight encompasses the logistics of employee placement and farm activity schedules, while also he also as serves as a resource in strategic decision-making. Prior to joining AgriCare, Dan worked as a welder on pipelines in the oil fields of Bakersfield, CA. Meeting Tom Avinelis in the early 1990s, Dan first took a position as an irrigator. He has also worked as a mechanic, run harvest crews, supervised mechanical grape harvest operations, been involved in the research & development for mechanical olive harvesting operations, and filled other oversight/ advisory roles. With his many years of experience, Dan is a vital member of the team who truly understands all levels of the farming operation.


Dan and his wife have been married for 31 years, and live with 2 of their children on the outskirts of Strathmore, CA. When not in the field or at the office, Dan enjoys spending time with his family and is very active in his kids’ extracurricular activities. He is active in his son’s Pee Wee league and his daughter’s cheerleading. He and his family also enjoy swimming and being in the outdoors.

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